Jewelry finishing is a term referring to the various processes that add the final touches to any piece of jewelry. The processes range from polishing techniques to chemical applications such as oxidation. The jewelry finish drastically changes the appearance of the item in question.

The overall design of your wedding band or any article of jewelry is incomplete without considering the texture you want the finished piece to have. Adding thoughtful texture not only does not add any cost to your piece, but also showcases your distinct personality. 


High Polish is the most common jewelry finish. A polisher simply uses a polishing wheel to buff the item to a high, polished shine. The wheel whirs at high speed, removing any rough spots or pits within the metal. 

Matte finishing is a type of finish that gives the metal a subtle, sleek look. This type of finish requires special equipment, polishing wheels and papers that contain aluminum oxide, an abrasive that wears down the surface of the item. Sandblasting, another type of matte finish, is when the jeweler places the item into a machine that directs a stream of high-pressure air containing aluminum oxide towards the metal, creating a more rustic matte finish. 

A hammered finish is a type of finish created by hammering all around the metal. First, the metal must be high polish to ensure evenness. Then, the jeweler taps away at the metal with a polished hammer of appropriate size. Once the hammering is finished, the jeweler polishes the piece to create a more subtle hammered finish, or quickly buffs it to preserve a sharper hammered finish. The facets of a hammered finish item reflects light in a unique, organic way. 

The last crucial detail of metal texture can make or break the vibe you are trying to create. Whereas some people prefer the classic high polished, put-together look for their jewelry, others may prefer a more subtle brushed finish that gives off a quiet yet strong shine.. Whether high polish or hammered, decide what texture suits your article of jewelry. If your preferred finish is not mentioned in our chart, please get in touch to request a specific finish for your piece of Bespoke fine jewelry.